Define “Super”

From Abraham Lincoln’s birthday to his birthday to Valentine’s Day to President’s Day, we spent the weekend together.

We’re both really busy and though it seems we see each other often, it’s still difficult not to miss him when we’re apart. Mainly because life moves fast and it’s hard to stay focused when the person pushing you isn’t around sometimes.

But that’s what I love about us. We didnt just end up together, we continually begin again. We grow together and reach goals together even if we’re not identical in everything. We support differences and what makes each other unique.

To commemorate this past weekend, here’s a post I was going to put on Instagram but decided to put here instead in order to respect the full length of my feelings.

What makes a hero “super”?

The fact he can fly? Super-strength? Is it because he’s rich? Or that his bravery is unmatched?

If those are the characteristics by which we place all our trust in someone, the trust in which we subtly sign our lives, then he must be a superhero. 

He flies to me when I grow weary of the dark. 

He breaks the chains of hurt and hatred that have long become ingrown to my skin and carries the cumulative weight of my flaws, secrets, and the occasionally cumbersome microwave. 

He is not rich in monetary power but he is wealthy in value – compassion, intelligence, humor, heart. There is no skill too large or detail too small that would make me discount him for what he is actually worth. 

He is brave enough to love what is broken just as much as he braves to love what is whole. 

He is braver still —

enough to admit he can be weak, sometimes.

Does weakness lessen how “super” a hero is? No. Potential isn’t measured by what we don’t have, but what we can become. 

Because a human is only as invincible as the oxygen their lungs intake, or the blood that their hearts pump — in fact humans are quite vulnerable. Yet it’s what they do with that small innate power, how they embrace and harness their vulnerability, that defines how super they can be. 

So it’s okay. It’s okay to say that Superheroes have fears, too.

Mine fears the crashing of waves and the sound of styrofoam. 

But one thing he doesn’t fear, 

Is the challenge of being better everyday.

And it is with that fearless approach that I can proudly follow suit.

Because he does not follow the traditions of comic book characters and outer space bodies. He does not appear in the flashy garb of others, and he wears no medals of honor though he deserves a sleeve of them.

Because I am not a damsel in distress.

But I’m convinced he’s the superhero I’ve dreamed of. 


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