The Life of Roxanne

Music has always been a huge part of my life. I grew up surrounded by the DJ and breakdancing community in mid-1990s uptown New York City.

I grew up struggling in the hood, but also struggling for love to find me and my family. Music was the one thing I could always rely on. It took me in, and still takes me in, where others could and would not.

That being said,

I love all music,

but hip-hop and rap are the biggest, most important reasons I love music at all.
Here’s some stuff I’ve been jamming to lately:

I am I – Beetiki (my uncle)

Elemenop – my uncle’s group

rawXRyte – a mixed CD by my Uncle Kriss

Original5 – DJ Neil Armstrong

The Life of Pablo (not pictured because it’s on my computer) – Kanye West

As I am still recovering from vacation withdrawal, a lot of it is West Coast style. But no worries, I vibe to both.

What do you listen to?


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