For those who wonder why I love Kanye so much

Kanye West is known as a jerk, an atheist, a public enemy, an angry soul, etc etc.

But if you’ve been a fan of his music from day one, you would see he’s human, too.

He goes through shit. He’s brutally honest about everything, from his pain to his victories, from his lows to his highs.

Right now, his album, The Life of Pablo, is only up for sale on Tidal (but I got blessed by a friend ;D). But if you go to, you’ll hear a message from Yasiin Bey, formerly known as Mos Def, pleading for support from being detained in South Africa.

Kanye is using his website, his new album drop, his money and social power to raise awareness on what he feels needs to be known – from racial discrimination to his Tweets on education.

Tell me Kanye doesn’t have a heart somewhere and I’ll prove you wrong.

In fact,

Here is one of the most memorable interviews I’ve ever read.

Enjoy, y’all.


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