Latte-Night Thoughts

Recently, I visited one of my girlfriends at her work and she let me pour some latte art for the first time in forever.

Not gonna lie, I really miss being a barista sometimes. It’s only been four months since I’ve left but I do mean it.

It’s weird to say because I spent three years of my life on and off in the coffee industry, losing my mind and developing a bunch of habits that only people in hospitality are crazy enough to have.

But at the end of the day, my time as a barista and assistant manager at a young age is one of the things I’m proudest of. I learned so much about myself, and people.  I learned how to value the little things, from bean to cup to customer, and approach the rest of life with that positive mindfulness.

No matter how rude a customer can be, no matter how low pay can get, I never truly regret working in coffee and hospitality because what I’ve gained from it is more valuable than any other job I’ve worked: a collection of stories unique and hopeful, a small selection of friends I could never find anywhere else, and a drive to keep giving as warmly as the first sip of a latte to the last. 
And maybe one day, I’ll tell you my dreams.



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