“You’re gonna have to do more than just say it.”

– Say It — Tory Lanez

I unfollowed you on all social media today. 

I’ve held off from doing so for so long but when I realized you blocked me first, that’s when I knew I had to.

I’m tired. 

I’m tired of the facade social media gives people — the idea that you can act all big and say what you want on social media, or completely disappear and not feel responsible for it. I’m tired of social media giving you a reason not to own up to your actions.

I understand we had our differences, our falling outs, and needed space. But blocking me on social media has only exasperated  those conflicts further because it just shows how unwilling you are to fight for a good friendship, and how your pride only encourages you to hide, bury what you don’t like and instead indulge in fickle, temporary happiness. 

That’s your choice.

I’m not looking to be a follower. 

So try harder or get used to me not trying at all. 


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