Señorita, I Feel for You

I started missing NorCal yesterday night so I decided at 8:50PM I wanted to make Señorita bread for the first time.

The first part is, of course, making the dough.

That in itself takes about three hours because you have to combine the ingredients with yeast and then let the dough rise for a while.

Below is my little bowl of unrisen dough, with my mom’s deliciously roasted chicken peeking out the background.


At 11:50PM, I revisited my bowl of dough and began the actual assembly of Señorita breads.

Like all good baking, much of it is basic and simple but in repetition it can get difficult. All I really had to do was make sheets out of the dough, baste with melted butter, sugar, and breadcrumbs, then roll the dough into desirable finger-shapes. Then bake each batch till just golden brown, no later or sooner.

I eventually made two dozen, but I didn’t really finish until 2AM.

Baking is a love labor, most definitely. I do it under stress and I do it when I’m relaxed. I do it because I love to put work into food and see how people respond to that time and effort.

Next time, I aim to make the breads a bit sweeter just to attempt giving justice to the bakeries back in Daly City. But everyone in my family seemed to enjoy my little dough creations so all in all, this is a recipe I could and would do again.




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