Queens Eats Anniversary Party

Last Wednesday, Instagram foodies from all over NY gathered for Queens Eats’ (@queenseats) first anniversary party. 

I actually was very lucky to snag two of the last four tickets available online the night before — by the next morning the whole event had sold out!

Dinner took place at one of my favorite local treasures, Queens Comfort, in Astoria.

On its own, Queens Comfort is simultaneously a homely dose of nostalgia and the wave of foodie future. With creations like Cap’n Crunch Chicken Fingers, sweet n’ spicy Chicken and Waffles, PBJ Burgers, and so on, Queens Comfort is a gastropub force to be reckoned with on any normal day. Not to mention that Saturday brunch includes Rob Swift on the 1’s and 2’s as resident DJ.

We started with Mini Shrimp Tacos, Vegetarian Corn Nuggets, and Pulled Pork Flautas as appetizers.


Things got even more real when the buffet was presented. Here’s what we had:


Fish and (Waffle) Chips

Dominican Chicken Jambalaya with Fried Platanos (Plantains)

Squash Mac n’ Cheese

Baby Bokchoy

BBQ Eggplant on a Hamburger Bun

Now, add in that Rainbow Cookies Crumb Cake from Donut Diva NY (@donutdivany), the Peanut Butter Oreo Bread Pudding, and an assortment of cookies from Sexy Batch Bakery, and you’ve got yourself a meal to remember.

Overall, the experience was equally as memorable as it was spontaneous.

I’ve been slow on posting lately because I’ve been at dance practice everyday for a cultural skit competition coming up in a few weeks, so going out has become few and far between. However, Queens Eat’s Anniversary was a refreshing deviation from busy routine: my heart was filled with contentment that only comes from being able to eat good food, watching snippets of classic films, listening to throwback jams, and meeting IG personalities/ fellow bloggers like myself.  Shout-out to Adolfo of @queenscapes for chatting with me about his vision for Queens stories; that man is on track to something revolutionary.

I also won the raffle for an Astoria Coffee tote bag, and a free day to use at the WeWork offices downtown.

Thankful for life in this city of opportunity.

Thankful for the borough of Queens for becoming my home after living such a nomadic NY life growing up.




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