“So, why do I want to attend Harvard? If I was white, would you even have to ask me that question?”
I think anyone who is even the least bit cognizant of current happenings in microagression and civil rights movements should take a moment to watch this film, currently available in Netflix. 

It’s a story about a trio of kids growing up in the hoods that Hollywood doesn’t like to talk about, trying to make it into college and make a name for themselves despite stereotypes placed by both outside races and their own kind. It’s told through the angle of the kids getting mixed up in the world of drug deals and money.

Indie films always seem to speak truths that mainstream media often avoids touching upon or executes poorly. 
This movie isn’t the best I’ve ever watched but it does have a decent amount of celebrity appearances, music references, and comedic relief. But in the end, the entire plot comes together for one big whammy, and even I had to think about my life for a bit lol. So, in an attempt to avoid spoiling it, I’ll just tell you it definitely was noteworthy in my books. 

If anyone does see this post and wants to talk about the movie, I’d love that.


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