On a Mission // Pt One

So there’s two places in the LES (Lower East Side) that I’ve been craving to visit and it’s mainly because they’re modeled after the grungy ethnic Mission District of San Francisco — one of my favorite places from my trip back in January.

They are Mission Chinese and Mission Cantina, and are growing more popular by the minute here in NY.

For date day last Friday, Ream and I went to the latter option to test the waters.

When you walk in, you’re instantly greeted by a mix of hot and pastel colors distinct to the archetypical Tex-Mex restaurant. Except it’s a little thrown off by the sparkling chandeliers and lack of Hispanic patrons. But the aesthetic was pretty cool nonetheless, and I thoroughly enjoyed how close in proximity this place is to El Rey Coffee, Arlene’s Grocery, and Piano’s. A few blocks away is also the Nuyorican Poet’s Cafe, for all of you who still appreciate true urban art like I do. #spokenwordforever

Below are pictures of my Green Chili Cheeseburger, with fermented green chili peppers, mozzarella, and feta cheeses. You’ll notice that the dish is set atop a paper with comical drawings telling you to finish your food and how. Also, the side of fries was highly reminiscent of McDonald’s, with its salt and crunch and I loved that about it.

 Unfortunately I did not get a picture of the General Tso’s Chicken Burrito that Ream ordered, because he devoured it way too quickly lol.

I also enjoyed that they served Oddfellows soft serve ice cream, although this time around we went to meet up with family at Ice & Vice across the way.

But next time, when we visit the “other side” of the Mission world, I’ll be sure to record even more.


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