I have a few bad habits but the two biggest ones are definitely 1) falling off the grid when I need to recharge 2) being my own worst critic. 

The first one is up to interpretation in terms of who agrees with me that even extroverts need a break from life sometimes.

The second one, I’m working on.

Im telling you all this because I’m sitting in class right now, bored out of my mind with this required Economics class I’m in. A lot of my classmates, including myself, often come late if we attend class at all. Now, I’m my defense, I usually do try to be here on time but my commute is hell at such an early hour in the morning (I have to leave by 7AM for a 9:05AM class) – but I still could put in a bit more effort if I truly tried and cared enough.

Not to mention I’ve had financial aid problems that are super discouraging to me because of past experiences.

I’m telling you all this because a row behind me is a female classmate, dressed to the nines in a suit, asking all the questions she needs to understand the content. However, it’s also the fact that she brought her grade-school aged son with her for the first time. And he’s well-behaved, and knowing of his mother’s hard work. It’s the fact that as we prepare for finals and continue to burn out, this woman is still putting her best foot forward, learning as much as she can, and presenting herself as an example no matter the circumstances. 

I know that things are probably difficult for her in her life right now but I truly admire this sight. And it’s really reminding me to value my education regardless of how tired and stuck I feel right now.

If she can do this, I can do this.

Thankful for heavenly reminders to stay humble and keep pushing on.


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