A couple weeks ago, the boyfriend and I went on our monthly date a few days early.

We went to the Cooper-Hewitt, a completely design-centric, artistically informative, and entirely interactive museum.

It was pretty cool. They gave us pens to save info and drawings to a web database we could access later to remember our trip.

I loved mostly everything, but the Pixar exhibit was my favorite. I’ve always dreamed of becoming a writer for a production team as wonderful as Pixar, so to have their inspirations behind certain films dissected right in front of me was an experience I won’t forget. Definitely need to put more work out there soon and constantly sharpen my creative skills if I want to get there (or anywhere) someday.


After, we visited his old place of work, and then headed down to the Financial District to grab some coffee. On the way there, we ran into another of his friends, B, and we collectively ran out of the rain into the Fulton St station that geniusly hid Voyager Coffee away from the world.

I really enjoyed the vibe. Interior design wise, space was made to look a lot more spacious than it actually was, and everything followed a sleek black/chrome aesthetic. The barista, Eric, was friendly and helpful. I especially enjoyed that


Ethiopia Gera – washed heirloom beans with refreshing fruity tea-like flavor notes (peach, mandarin, chestnut undertones). Brewed as iced pour over.

Colombia San Jose de Inza – washed Caturra beans with notes of cherry cola and dark chocolate. Extracted as an espresso base for a Cortado.

Both beans were from Roseline Coffee Roasters in Portland, Oregon.


Finally, we went to the Lower East Side for some dinner. Originally, we were walking to Mission Chinese to see what all the hype has been about. However, we got stopped by a unique Big Pun exhibition we saw at a event space (AVANT GARDE LES) on the way, and chatted up the staff there about their vision to bring more underground, NYC-centric urban art to light.


They proceeded to recommend us to LES Kitchen for more local-style foods; something that we definitely enjoyed. 10/10 would visit again.

I got an LES Cheesesteak: juicy, tender  Pat La Frieda ribeye steak with provolone bleu cheese.


Bf had the Jalapeno Poppers, and the LES Burger: cheeseburger with the works, on a toasted potato bun.


Next time, we will try their Angry Bird, a spicy fried chicken sandwich (which is rumored to be 1/2 of a secret menu item called “El Jefe”).

I love when things go completely away from the plan but end up even better!


2 thoughts on “Tuesdate

  1. What a fun post! We call these New York City days — when the city just manages to seduce you and draw you in to its many charms. We love Cooper Hewitt and pop-up exhibitions are the best! 🙂

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