In light of recent events…

I’ve watched several videos on Facebook of famous talk show hosts (Jimmy Fallon, Trevor Noah, Anderson Cooper, etc) discussing the many recent mass shootings our country has endured and I had to forgo my usual resistance to posting monster debates on social media.
Below is what I wrote. 

Look, I get the whole “my gun won’t shoot itself,” argument. That’s obvious. And you’re right, it won’t shoot itself! However, the real argument is about the intentions of the people attaining weapons without thorough background checks, and how much longer we should just keep assuming that turning-a-blind-eye-until-something-bad-happens is a “fair” method of evaluation! I know plenty of good hearted people who bear arms as a precaution, and I also have many friends and family members that serve/served in the military. Defense is everything. But so is justice. The truth is, as evident from the outstanding number of hate crimes and mass shootings committed in just this year ALONE, civilians are not as ready to have the responsibility of carrying arms as we have believed them to be. And that needs to change. 
I’m sorry to say it, but if anyone here wants to talk about how taking away firearms prevents equal rights and freedom and your American Dream, I just want you to look at these statistics, line up all the facts right in front of you, and still honestly tell me where the opportunity for freedom was for all the innocent lives that were spent this week and this month (in Orlando, LA, and so on).
I get that hunting for game is fun for some people, and I get the fear of not having anything to defend yourself with. But we can’t keep expecting things to just change positively if we just continue to enable those willing to tear entire communities down. We can’t complain about how awful life is in America and how none of us get along, but then jump to defend the things that keep us divided towards each other. 
And then the terrorism aspect? Terrorism is not exclusive to one racial/social/political/religious group in history, and it is present abroad just as much as it is here at home. It has been present since ancient piracy in other countries, it is not new. And it comes in the form of gun violence, just as much as it does in different forms — like the psychological affects of rape on victims who were not defended by our own justice system, like the blatant ignorance of health issues brought on by the lack of clean water in Flint, like the fear of families being torn apart simply because the rate of homelessness grows faster than the building of shelters or founding of substantial aid programs, or like the fact that the media we look up to is used to interject sponsored or political agendas when there are real movements around the world we should be taking the time to understand. Terrorism is not just some crazy person with a gun, but also the full acknowledgement of, and wholehearted acceptance to act upon, unjust motivations and cruel intentions.
These discussions are not about stealing people’s freedoms from each other. Its not about who is better than who anymore, either. It’s about how we can move forward together as a nation.
It’s about guaranteeing that no one else’s freedom is robbed in the future by the same, repeated incidents.

Agree or disagree as you will. This is the current state of America and this post will serve nothing short as a reminder of it.


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