One of my New Year’s Resolutions this year was to start giving back to communities and movements I deeply care about. Whenever I see a fundraiser, I jump to research it and when I trust that my money is contributing to the improvement of the lives of those around me, I don’t hesitate. The reason why is because growing up, I very rarely had opportunities to enjoy the same comforts as other families, because I grew up in both financially and socially tense environments. But the few times I did get an opportunity to attend a library workshop, arts and crafts fair, museum exhibit, or seminar, I felt blessed beyond comparison — And in my heart, I knew that it’s because of people donated and who fought for these opportunities on behalf of people like me that may not have been able to afford it otherwise.

It may sound silly to some people, but because of all these experiences, I enjoy philanthropy — the kind that you can grow alongside from start to finish. So far, I have supported medical research fundraisers, racial advocacy and leadership empowerment, and now, I stand behind the promotion of literacy.

Please follow the link below and join me in the fight to build a central bookshop for the people of Queens, NY. It would impact so many lives if this simple dream could get off the ground, and I would only hope we can all take part in it.

Hi all! Wanted to let you know about an awesome local initiative to build a central bookshop for the people of Queens, NY. Three amazing young ladies have worked super hard to fight the closing down of bookstores around New York City, and I briefly met them while working with @jaenyceats at the LIC Flea! They have 52 hours left to meet their @kickstarter goal, meaning 52 hours left to have a chance in promoting literacy for the kids of Queens and anyone else who still loves reading. As someone who grew up between shelves and stacks of books, I can honestly say my motivation to be the writer and dreamer I am now all began with a little imagination and encouragement. Let’s help make their dreams come true! Link below or in bio:

A photo posted by R E A L (@thoughtsbeforecoffee) on Jun 20, 2016 at 4:50pm PDT



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