When the spring semester ended this past May, I immediately jumped into Summer mode. It’s been a whirlwind of a month so far, and I’m finally settled into normal life again enough to write about it, lol.

The second week of May, I had finals everyday, PARE Formal, said “see ya later” to one of my best friends going off to the Middle East with the US Army (I love you, Hamster, come back soon), and then headed to Jacksonville, FL for a recharge with close family and friends.

Jacksonville, FL has a special place in my heart because it is my hometown. I was born there, and though I was raised in New York, I returned back and forth to the South pretty much every summer of my childhood. My cousins, aunties, uncles, extended family, and grandparents all live there, so it’s always been a good time with plenty of food to match. Not that Jacksonville is exactly the hottest city on the planet in terms of entertainment — in fact, it’s quite average.

I moved to Jacksonville for all four years of high school, and moved back to New York for college in 2013. As much as New York has taught me a great deal about life, a vast majority of my most memorable experiences did have roots in my time there.

Which is why this trip was less about the quantity of photos I took, and more about the quality of them.

I wanted people to see the same thing I saw in my hometown — the freshness of ingredients, the serenity of unbusy streets, and the satisfaction of simple things.


I’ll be picking up my old car this July back in Jax and driving it back up here.

I hope that newfound mobility will help improve how much of the world I get to share with you.


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