Bahstahn Babe

Visited one of my best girlfriends in Beantown a few days ago.

Peggy is 1/5 of Squat Squad, and I haven’t seen her since Toronto. She’s a free-spirited, highly intellectual, rap-loving, just dope to death chick; my counterpart, to be honest. She’s also a visual goddess, evident from her film projects and Instagram aesthetic. But the most important thing, and the thing I’ve loved most about her, is that she makes a cause out of art (and art out of a cause). Everything she creates evokes some sort of voice. Also, she can throw down heavily sociopolitical debates just as quickly as she can probably physically throw down if needed. And it’s awesome. “Muse AF,” as I like to say.

So you can imagine how excited I was to see her this past Thursday. I literally jumped on a bus at 6:40AM, got there, ate food, got a tattoo (having 4 herself, “Ink Mom” HAD to be there for my first one), ate more food, and then left back to NYC. But I don’t regret any of this running around because I’ll gladly stop the clock on regular life just for a few hours with Peggy.

Hope these portraits do her justice. 🙂





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