Beauty in the Broken

As my heart broke this morning upon hearing the news of the 2016 election, a friend texted me this:

My friend is not POC, LGBTQ, working-class, or any of the groups you can consider a minority. 

But the significance of this message is that despite the lack of background relatability between the two of us, my friend has made an effort to exemplify the compassion our country needs.

Below is my response.

If you know where I am from, you should know why it hurts so much. To straddle the line between two completely different worlds, and still try to make the best of it.

This is a small summarized answer to the many questions people like me may have. But please, don’t give up. I need you, and we need each other, more than ever. Good can come from these dark times. Hip-hop was invented during Reaganomics. There’s so much art left to make, stories to be told, movements to be led, and life to live.

We can do this.


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