I know I haven’t been posting as much here as I have been on my Instagram, but I hope you guys still enjoy what you see! I also hope you get excited because I have been working super hard on a few projects:

1) I’m writing a poetry book! 

I have so many scribbles and notes that I finally decided to try and put them into one singular place for everyone to read them, over and over again. I don’t have an exact date for publication yet but I am aiming for just after New Year’s! Once I figure out logistics, I will post up a way for ordering (and the first 15 copies will be signed since this is my first publication and it’s super scary and I love you all for supporting me). The money I earn from this book will also contribute towards my study abroad program in Italy next spring, as I have not been able to afford much of the tuition costs despite my initial acceptance. If you’re down with poetry and the wanderlust cause, please keep updated.

2) I’m working on a film concept!

It’s super personal and top secret, so I can’t tell you much right now. Just know it’s got spoken word, cool peeps, and I’m still looking for any creatives who want to collab in the process (NYC local). 

3) I’m still collecting interviews for my mental health series, Mosaic Minds!

I never “dropped” the project. I do admit it’s taking longer than usual but it’s actually quite a beautiful thing that I’ve had so much content input from people asking to be interviewed. I owe it to them and to you readers to make sure every story is curated accurately and by the heart.


A little ambitious? Yes, definitely. I don’t deny at all that the journey has been extremely difficult. 

Don’t worry. I’m not going anywhere anytime soon that you won’t be able to find me. 

This is all for you.


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