Now that’s it’s officially been a month since I left California, I think it’s time to try and get over my vacation withdrawal.

The first half of my spring break was spent in the San Francisco Bay Area.

Wish I took more photos than I did. Apologies in advance for shifting quality – my early photos were all taken on my iPhone but the later half was with my Canon DSLR.


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There’s also some happenings I didn’t even take photos at all because I was too caught up in the moment. But honestly, I needed that more than anything: not having a real agenda, just out there living. I’m grateful.


Day 1: Arrival at SFO, In-N-Out, family time, shopping.

Day 2: Shopping, Union Square, Financial District, SFMOMA, In the Groove Studios (Milo McManus class, where I ended up in the same class as Ysabelle Capitule), late night boba run with my girl Dar.

Day 3: Patrick all day. Denny’s, Philz, heart talks at the highest viewpoint above the Golden Gate, Haight-Ashbury, home.

Day 4: Was gonna go to San Jose but didn’t due to rain/cost. Attempted to see Alameda Naval Museum but it was closed. Then the distilleries there wouldn’t have tastings until night time so I went into the City. Telegraph Hill, Chinatown, Adidas Warehouse Sale at Cow Palace (met a dope Lyft driver). Seafood with Tita for dinner. Left for LA the next day.


I read something once on Twitter that said, “No one says let’s go to Oakland for spring break.” And someone responded that the Bay is more like home than a fast fling.

I agree with that wholeheartedly. It’s expensive as hell out there to live, but there’s a vibe that’s hard to find anywhere else. Every stranger I met was genuinely cool and engaging. Every song had life in it – then again, it’s the only other place that really gets to me musically. Every meal was worth tasting and I crave it to this day still. It’s slower than NYC but not stagnant.

It’s a new life. and it’s calling me. Sooner or later, I’ll be there, too.

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