After San Francisco, I drove down to LA with my cousin, Noah.

I hadn’t been back to SoCal since 2013, so it was really nice to finally spend time with my cousins and eat all the food I had been missing out on.

Here are my favorites from that week in the City of Angels.

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General order of pictures:

  • Day 2: Breakfast at Ninong’s in Grenada Hills. Venice Beach.
  • Day 3: Sunken City/Korean Friendship Bell with Ream, Uncle Kriss, and Auntie Manuela.
  • Day 4: LACMA solo venture (after visiting the family dentist office), dinner at Uncle David’s (we made Chicken Adobo).
  • Day 5: Exploring Downtown LA with Kuya Vince and Chris. Grand Central Market, Angels Knoll, The Broad, Cathedral of Our Lady of Angels, City Hall, Little Mexico, JapanTown, Union Station.
  • Day 6: Hiking from Griffith Observatory to Hollywood Sign with Kuya Vince, Chris, and MarMar.

Some things not pictured/needing more explanation:

  • Day 1: Dinner in Redondo Beach with my cousins.
  • Day 2: Escape the Room with cousins at night. Watched Get Out.
  • Day 3: The lowkey Hawaiian spot in San Pedro that filled us up for days. SO GOOD. Late night West Hollywood bar hopping with Raubern – It was Oscar’s night, and we saw Amy Schumer drunkenly yelling out of an Uber window.
  • Day 5: Visiting Katrina in Long Beach. Dinner with Ream’s family in Long Beach at a dope Cambodian restaurant.
  • Day 6: a) After our hike on my last full day of being in LA, I went to Movement Lifestyle to take Lyle Beniga’s class. It was one of the most difficult I had taken in a long time, but it really opened my eyes to the dance environment in California – pretty much everyone does it, and they’re really good because of it (lol). But it pushed me to keep up, and even if I was super sluggish from hiking, I’m glad I didn’t psych myself out of it. I even made a friend there that I ran into here in NYC at my own studio a few weeks later! b) Dinner at PokPok in Chinatown with the cousins. BANGIN’.


LA, you really surprised me.

Prior to this trip, I wasn’t used to the slower pace, the need to drive everywhere, and the distance between everything we wanted to visit.

There’s always going to be something I miss out on checking out simply because of timing, like Baohaus and Howlin’ Rays, but I really want to note how happy I was this second time in LA.

Like I said in my previous post on SF, I tried to take photos but I also wanted to just be present in most moments and not stuck behind a lens.

So for the people who made this happen, thank you for reminding me to live life a little more actively. I can’t wait to adventure with you again soon.

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