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Hong Kong was out of this world.

I’ve never encountered such a unique city. There’s ancient history intertwined with the future, with each passing step.

It’s such an international city that mostly everyone knew English and I didn’t feel so lost in translation. Not that it’s a bad thing to learn other languages but I’ll admit my Chinese is still very basic haha.

The transit is pretty efficient, to the point it’s almost comedic in comparison to the massive train and bus delays here in NYC. The water isn’t tropical but it’s a shade of blue I hope to own more of someday.

My family and I were only there for a short time (6 days) but I’ll think about it until the next time I get to visit. My sister’s ice hockey team (the Philippine Lady Islanders, the Women’s National Team) won 1st Place in the Hockey 5’s Tournament – she was also named MVP of the tournament for her numerous shut-out’s.

The exchange rate is only a 1 USD to 7.7 HKD right now, but you can still get plenty of amazing food and quality clothing for those prices!

My favorite things about this first leg of the trip (in no particular order) were:

  • the fresh gai mei bao (coconut buns) and ham and cheese rolls from the bakeries near our hotel in Kowloon.
  • The accessibility of buses and the not-as-overwhelming foot traffic (I seriously anticipated super high congestion, but Hong Kong is pretty navigable)
  • Seeing my friend, DJ Marvl, for lunch at Kin’s Kitchen and later partying with him in the super-hidden Lan Kwai Fong neighborhood
  • Meeting my dad’s cousin, Russ, and dining at his family’s Filipino restaurant, Barkadaz
  • Gladys Estate Coffee in Kowloon was an Australian-influenced, no frills/sugar/milk cafe near my hotel – I learned a lot from how passionate the owner was about his business
  • Trekking four hours to Lantau Island to see the Big Buddha with Mama Ching
  • Finding Space Jams (Jordans) on Sneaker Street in Mongkok
  • Finally getting to experience dinner at Din Tai Fung
  • The view of both Hong Kong and Kowloon from the top of Victoria Peak


Side note: Unfortunately, during my trip to Italy later on in the month of May, my external hard drive disconnected mid-import and I lost a good half of my overall photos for the month *sad face*

To make up for it, I will upload my lesser-quality but still-just-as-important iPhone photos. They may not be super aesthetic like I planned, but at least you know they’re authentic experiences!









Still tons of non-touristy things I wish I could have done. But next time I make it out there, it’ll be ten times better!



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