My Favorite Part // Mac Miller ft. Ariana Grande, The Divine Feminine (2016)

Third installment in a series I was working on. Description below.


I wrote this for a semester-long project in my communications class last year. We were supposed to make a blog about something we were passionate about, so of course I chose to do music.

While the content is not exactly as new as when I first wrote all of this, I invite you to read and let me know your own thoughts as I dissect lyrics, themes, and more.

That's Just the Wav

My Favorite Part

I never really liked Mac Miller enough to buy an entire album and play it back to back. But something I’ve realized about artistry is that it takes so much energy and effort to stay relevant. Do you invent a new sound at the sacrifice of your personal value? Do you make music to please others or yourself? Do you create the messages YOU want people to hear or the ones THEY want to hear?

Mac miller’s new album, The Divine Feminine, is what I consider a solid reinvention of self. He goes from the playboy rapper persona to one who is a little more smooth-talking. While he talks about women plenty, he definitely transformed from the too-high-to-care vibes of Watching Movies With the Sound Off to a more appreciative and spellbound one. He clearly defines what it feels like to be emotionally into a woman…

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