Saint Pablo // Kanye West, The Life of Pablo (2016)

Second installment in a series I was working on. Description below.


I wrote this for a semester-long project in my communications class last year. We were supposed to make a blog about something we were passionate about, so of course I chose to do music.

While the content is not exactly as new as when I first wrote all of this, I invite you to read and let me know your own thoughts as I dissect lyrics, themes, and more.

That's Just the Wav

*Explicit lyric warning*

The entire The Life of Pablo album is a culmination of all Kanye West’s career ventures to date. It has the wordplay of Late Registration and Graduation, the emotional catharsis of Dark Twisted Fantasy, and the vicious instrumental hype of Yeezus.

The somewhat-title track, “Saint Pablo,” is one of the longest on the album at about 6 minutes and 15 seconds, yet remains severely underrated compared to the previous tracks on the list. It packs a simple haunting instrumental, wistful vocals by Sampha, and a lyrical narrative that gives Kanye the ability to clap back at all the people who have criticized him on social media over the past few years. This especially includes criticism of his self-proclaimed debt, and of his Twitter account that most people either see as too strange or too vulgar; the irony is some of those weird tweets were…

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