Fourth installment in a series I was working on. Description below.


I wrote this for a semester-long project in my communications class last year. We were supposed to make a blog about something we were passionate about, so of course I chose to do music.

While the content is not exactly as new as when I first wrote all of this, I invite you to read and let me know your own thoughts as I dissect lyrics, themes, and more.

That's Just the Wav

Last weekend, the iconic hip-hop group A Tribe Called Quest released their final album We Got It From Here…Thank you For Your Service to most major music distribution outlets. They also had a pop-up shop for some limited apparel (I was lucky enough to get the windbreaker), and put up the pre-order links for online bundles (where I also ordered a vinyl copy of the album for future turntable projects).

I’m not even going to tell you to listen to one specific track like I have in my previous posts. Because you need to be listening to the ENTIRE ALBUM. It’s something that people who were fans back in the day and new listeners alike can enjoy.

If you aren’t sure who ATCQ is, research them and listen to their old albums (I suggest Low-End Theory). You’ll find that from then to now, most of their music has broken…

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