White Ferrari // Frank Ocean, Blond (2016)

I wrote this for a semester-long project in my communications class last year. We were supposed to make a blog about something we were passionate about, so of course I chose to do music.

While the content is not exactly as new as when I first wrote all of this, I invite you to read and let me know your own thoughts as I dissect lyrics, themes, and more.

That's Just the Wav

Image courtesy of DooDot.

I figured that the best way to introduce how my mind works is to just jump right into it and start with something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately. I’m not a music reviewer in the sense I always have to grade songs against a number scale — I prefer to just share my interpretations and see if anyone else agrees/disagrees.

One of the biggest album releases of this past summer is definitely Frank Ocean’s Blonde. I pretty much enjoy the entire album as a whole, but one that speaks to me the most is the song “White Ferrari.”


The song evokes a lot of emotions I can relate to.

It begins with a slow, simply synth instrumental. But the instrumental begins at the same exact time the vocals do, where Frank says “Bad luck to talk on these rides.” An opening…

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